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What We do

We’ve been helping companies improve product management for fifteen years. Our product management consulting services help you develop your capabilities; increase product innovation; and improve execution.

Improve Product Management Capability

  • Grow and perfect your product management skills
  • Target upgrades in process and communications
  • Improve organizational effectiveness

Increase Innovation

  • Connect products with strategy and roadmaps
  • Pick the right projects and do them right
  • Create startling new products that delight customers

Improve Execution

  • Leverage high performance teams
  • Implement agile at scale to improve product delivery
  • Develop better products faster
TCGen was able to come into a complex assignment and teach both the art and science of project leadership. Seek them out.
– Todd Tomba, Roche R&D Executive

Who We Have Helped and How

Trusted by these brands and organizations

Workday Logo
Workday Logo

Our clients have realized the following improvements:


Grow revenue year over year by33%


Increase profit margin by


Reduce time to market by


Scale development capacity by

After our work with TCGen, I gained at least two new ways to bring better value to our customers that will improve our future business.
– Peter White, President, IJ White and Company

Case Studies

We specialize in large companies with complex workflows and have worked in numerous industries, including Biomedical devices and B2B Enterprise SaaS. See our client logos and industry listings pages for a more complete overview.

Apple Consulting Engagement

TCGen founder John Carter designed and implemented the Apple New Product Process (ANPP), a process used throughout Apple’s product divisions that enabled them to scale rapidly, enabling a startup culture to flourish. The process is used in all divisions. One of their executives in the product organization said, “We are making better decisions, faster.”

Bio-Rad Consulting Engagement

In a product development consulting engagement with Bio-Rad, we worked with the platform team to design the next generation of diagnostic testing systems. With market research, we identified a unique customer visitation plan (Design Thinking) and implemented it with not just the product marketing organization but with the entire cross-functional platform team. The results: a platform launch that was Bio-Rad’s most successful ever, an enduring winner for them over many years.

HP Consulting Engagement

We worked with general management marketing and engineering to understand gaps in product management and how to fill them. We helped management to better fund the product marketing team and increase the number of dedicated resources for each of these teams. The result was a positive impact in customer satisfaction and increased predictability.

BOSE (Chief Engineer)

John managed the development of products such as the BOSE® Noise-Canceling Headphones (sharing the original patent with Dr. Bose), and Wave® Music System enjoyed by millions of customers worldwide. The innovative headphones (new to the world technology) set the gold standard for for noise canceling that stands today. During this time John learned how to innovate and execute at the same time.

TCGen’s Approach

We help you achieve improvements that yield major returns in product development with the least disruption by focusing on “inch-wide, mile deep” changes. Our 3-step consulting process is proven to deliver results quickly. 1) We assess your product management capability and make recommendations; 2) implement targeted changes; and 3) review and track the improvements.

Assess and Recommend

  • With guidance from a steering committee, we meet key personnel, perform project histories, and examine key metrics
  • We select the fewest, highest value targets and KPIs for improvement
  • We manage change by measuring behavior


  • We lead or coach internal working groups to deploy the most impactful changes
  • “Inch-wide, mile-deep” change management strategy is how we deliver lasting results
  • We sequence the changes so you start seeing improvements right away 

Refine and Iterate

  • We manage change by measuring results
  • Our initiatives are managed like a project & we review it at major milestones
  • We evaluate our progress and determine if it is time to move to the next improvement
  • If warranted, we may elect to go deeper with the current focus before moving on to the next improvement

How is our Approach Different?

Many consulting firms hire bright but inexperienced staff right out of school, who are eager to apply the frameworks they just learned to your organization. This approach often leads to unnecessary work, organizational stress, and poor results.

We listen

We bring industry-leading expertise

We give you access to proprietary tools

Unlike the others, we offer practitioners with deep experience in product management, leadership, and change management. We have experience in many organizational functions outside of product management that help us to add context and insert hard-won wisdom into our recommendations. 

We are successful when you have a new capability that employees will own. Typically, we coach a respected, experienced individual contributor to continue to champion product management improvement long after our engagement is complete.

I highly recommend TCGen to leaders looking to drive significant transformation in a tech company. TCGen blends quick assessment of the situation, with a highly personable approach and some clear and actionable recommendations.
– Cristel de Rouvray, CEO, ESI

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