John Sadler

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John Sadler

John Sadler focuses on helping executive leaders create the conditions for their teams to deliver value more rapidly to market, especially when software is involved. Professional experience in multiple markets, including medical devices, life sciences, internet, and consumer products, as well as proficiency in business strategy and multiple technical disciplines allow John to bridge skill silos to get results.

John was most recently VP/GM of the enterprise software division of Agilent Technologies. In that role he sponsored and led a delivery turnaround resulting in annual revenue growth over 2X market, consistent on-time release cadence with outstanding field quality, a thriving acquisition growing at 35%, and a clear and customer-validated digital lab strategy embraced across the company. Critical to this success was the development and effective use of scaled agile practices across multiple sites globally, including outsource partners, along with a strong culture of continuous improvement.

John earned his MS in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University’s Design Division and his BS in Mechanical Engineering at MIT focusing on feedback control systems. He is an inventor on over 20 patent families, and is the author of Ficl, a widely adopted open source software package for embedded systems scripting.