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Why Work With An Agile Consulting Firm?

You’re probably facing one of these common problems:

  • Products are late and don’t meet expectations
  • Product development is unpredictable
  • Products are slow to launch to market

I’ve come to understand this through years of driving agile strategies and running agile projects in global Biotech, Medical Technology, Consumer Tech, and Internet Infrastructure companies. I’ve learned that agile is simpler than you realize because it’s built on a small number of principles that give you agile capabilities and help you drive continuous improvement. I’ve witnessed countless agile consulting firms try to implement strategies to overcome these problems. However, TCGen does this best.

“John was able to come into a complex assignment and teach both the art and science of project leadership. Seek him out.”

— Todd Tomba, Roche R&D Executive

Below, I explain what an Agile consulting firm does and how you benefit. I also discuss how we approach consulting at TCGen. Then, I’ll share our approach to Agile Transformation and what differentiates TCGen from other agile consulting firms.

Benefits of Agile Consulting

Agile consulting success results
TCGen Agile success metrics

Our clients have reported measurable improvements in team performance following an Agile Transformation including:

  • Increasing the time spent engineering and delivering value
  • Cutting Time to Market
  • Reducing product defects

What Do Agile Consulting Services Provide?

Agile consulting…

  • Helps teams incorporate user and stakeholder feedback into the product
  • Helps build permanent change by designing metrics that enable sustainable improvements, and
  • Provides agile coaching, advice, training, and process design that build the customer-centered approach into new product development

Often this is done within the context of Agile Product Development, or Hybrid Development approach (including devops and processes from Scaled Agile Framework to Kanban) – and it is very common. These agile capabilities are worth the investment and should be a high priority for your business.

Skill up your people. 

Scale up your processes. 

Speed up your revenue.

Agile Development Process

Agile consultants help companies create an agile transformation that touches many aspects of the operating model of your organization including creating new roles, such as Scrum Master, and Product Owner/Product Manager.

“We’re making better decisions, faster”

— Apple Executive

Agile Transformation Consulting Services by TCGen

TCGen’s approach is straightforward:

  1. We first highlight the pain points.
  2. Then we agree on goals and KPIs.
  3. We then work on the most effective levers of improvement.
Agile Consulting Engagement Approach
TCGen’s Inch Deep, Mile Wide approach to consulting.

Consulting Services – The TCGen Approach

TCGen’s agile approach combines our expertise with your business strategy to ensure that the process is “right-sized” and addresses your strategic imperatives.

We work with team members and management to create a plan, crafting custom solutions to address a focused set of challenges in business agility and adaptability. TCGen then works with you to deliver a sequenced series of steps, targeting the most important levers of improvement.  

TCGen is a management consulting firm committed to your overall business success in creating an agile organization with select agile methodologies. We’re not just Agile trainers or coaches; we do not just help you with certifications and the like. We are among the top agile consulting firms because of our dedication to our clients.

Agile Transformation Expertise by TCGen

TCGen founder John Carter designed and implemented the Apple New Product Process (ANPP). This is an Agile process used throughout Apple’s product divisions.

  • Medical Technology – Implemented a transformation with a large US/German R&D organization that adheres to design control to improve predictability.
  • Consumer Technology – Implemented sprints, including tracking, definition of done, and a novel (and simple) demonstration methodology, to improve execution and increase internal customer focus.
  • Internet Infrastructure – Created an Agile discovery process to speed software development.  The result: an entirely new product that attracted new revenues and customers.
  • Financial Services – Created an iterative model for doing investment research and decision making so that deals could move through the pipeline with greater speed.

“John has that rare combination of brilliance and pragmatism that truly sets him apart. John is world class.”

— Dan Keller, HP Executive

We also have experience in applying Agile across the lifecycle, from portfolio management, the roadmap process, user stories and backlog grooming, program management, all the way through development and creation of business value.

The TCGen Difference

TCGen’s approach to Agile Consulting differs from the others because we listen. We drive deeply into the management issues and culture of the organization. In a dialog with senior leadership, we then define the key results you would like to achieve.

We guide organizations to apply select elements from Agile Product Development. These may include ceremonies, processes, or methodologies like Scrum, including roles such as Scrum Master and Product Owner and processes that iterate.

John Carter, TCGen Principal & Founder

John Carter

Principal, TCGen Inc.

John Carter is a widely respected expert on product development and product management.  He is the co-inventor of Bose’s Noise Cancelling Headphones and designer of Apple’s New Product Process (ANPP).

As Founder of TCGen Inc., he has consulted for Abbott, Amazon, Apple, Cisco, HP, IBM, Mozilla, Roche, 3M and many other organizations.

He is the author of “Innovate Products Faster,” a handbook for accelerating product development.  He currently serves on the Cirrus Logic board of directors. John has a MS in electrical engineering from MIT.