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Our Product Strategy Consulting service helps you align your product development efforts with your overarching business goals. We address critical challenges in product alignment, innovation, and strategic investment, helping you create market-leading products.

​​This consulting services may be used independently, or in conjunction with our Product Management, or Product Development consulting capabilities. It may also be supplemented with our training or coaching services.

Engagement Benefits

Increase Profitability 

  • Align product development with corporate strategy, ensuring investments are directed towards high-impact, market-leading products. 
  • Streamline processes and reduce time to market.
  • Reduce churn from unhappy customers

Enhance Market Differentiation

  • Create innovative, differentiated products that stand out in the marketplace. 
  • Delight customers and strengthen your positioning against competitors.

Align Product Investment with Strategy

  • Develop clearer roadmaps that align product portfolio with business goals
  • Reduce rework from frequently changing priorities
  • Balance your portfolio and accelerate the transition from R&D to commercialization.

Who We’ve Helped and How

We have helped many organizations in this area including BMC, Brother, Helen of Troy, Newell, Mozilla and Roche.  Below are two strategy case studies for Mozilla and Roche.

Mozilla “Venture Board”

We worked with the CPO (Chief Product Officer) to fulfill his vision to create an internal innovation organization including an operating budget, dedicated teams, and a strategic imperative.  We created an internal “venture board”, set the strategy, audited 20 programs, and selected and staffed three new product ventures which have enabled Mozilla to enter a new secure infrastructure category.

Roche “Strategic Decisions”

TCGen worked in the diagnostics business with the senior leadership team to define a process to help fund, prioritize, select, and fund the strategic roadmap.  We stood up the strategy, got geographic alignment, and designed the strategic decision making process.  The net results were better and faster decisions by the leadership team to guide the strategy and allocate investments.

Our Approach

Assess and Recommend

  • Interview stakeholders, review current metrics, and conduct a project history
  • Assemble a working team from your org, including a product owner
  • Provide focused recommendations


  • Choose 1-3 initiatives with big bang for buck, aligned with your product vision
  • Develop framework, prioritize, and roll out
  • Measure KPIs and share data-driven results

Refine and Iterate

  • Review progress, iterate for incremental improvement
  • Transition to internal team
  • Build roadmap for ongoing improvement

How We Differ from Other Approaches

Organizations struggling to accelerate product development often consider us relative to other options that may include hiring, working with strategy consultants (McKinsey or Bain), bringing in an external development team to lead a single project, or leading the effort entirely internally.

These are all reasonable options, though we think we bring some distinct advantages:

Proven Methodologies

Our proprietary frameworks and methodologies ensure timely and efficient product development. Coupled with industry expertise.

Experienced Consultants

Our team of experts brings extensive industry experience to tackle your unique development challenges.

Neutral Third Party

We offer customized solutions to meet your specific needs and solve your unique problems. Culture.

Fast Starting

Hiring can take a long time. We can start usually within a week or two from an initial consultation. 

Capability Building

We help you get there but with our experience in training and coaching we also raise your organizational capability (rather than just doing it for you).

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