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If Agile can work for Human Resources, then it can work for organizations developing complex systems, including regulated sectors.

Spotify Agile Model: What it is and How it Works

Product development is a complicated process, what works for some might not work for others. Ever-changing business dynamics keep product managers on their toes to keep a lookout for the methodology that works for their company. When trying to find the product management technique that’s right for your business, looking at other successful companies is …

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Agile VS Scrum: Similarities and Differences

Product management is a complex job as it incorporates software development, innovation, and growth. In the modern world of product management, there are many tools and techniques discovered day in and day out. The ever-changing landscape of product development makes it crucial for product managers to stay on top of the latest tools and terms. …

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Agile Workflow 101: What it is and How it Works

Product management is difficult. This job becomes even more complicated when product managers are asked to keep up with customer trends while following a concrete plan.  This is where Agile project management comes in. Businesses that adopt Agile workflow bring increased flexibility to their product development process. Agile breaks down complex tasks and takes into …

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14 of the Best Agile Books You Must Read

Even if you aren’t a member of the IT field, learning about Agile practices can be beneficial. Agile project management can teach individuals how to work better in teams and accomplish more with a fluid game plan that responds to customer feedback, regardless of industry.

What is Refactoring in Agile? Benefits, Principles, and Techniques

Have you ever looked at the back of an embroidered picture? While the front side the viewer sees is tidy and nice to look at, the flip side can be a jumble of tangled thread, messy knots, and wasteful loops. Similarly, software developers typically rely on quick and dirty techniques when writing code. Backend code, …

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Agile VS Design Thinking: Similarities, Differences, and Using Them Together

Business owners, product managers, and developers are always looking for the best strategies to create the ideal customer experience. Modern approaches to the development process enable businesses to effectively fulfill customer needs. The most popular approaches adopted by businesses are design thinking and the Agile methodology. These two methods have revolutionized how businesses approach the …

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Agile vs Waterfall vs Scrum: Similarities and Differences

The product management landscape keeps evolving. Customer requirements are changing faster than ever which requires product managers to stay on top of the latest trends. When it comes to exploring different options for your organization, project management methodologies like Waterfall, Agile, and Scrum are great for streamlining business operations. In this article, we’ll discuss these …

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Agile Roles & Responsibilities: A Guide to Creating Agile Teams

Agile software development has managed to revolutionize how businesses work. It gives companies of all shapes and sizes a framework in which they can create better products faster. By encouraging project managers to embrace change rather than fear it, agile provided a well-needed shift from the status quo waterfall approach. Agile is significantly different from …

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The Top 10 Agile Metrics You Need to be Aware of in 2023

Agile product management depends on an iterative and incremental framework with a focus on continuous improvement. It is the new norm for successful businesses.  Its modern approach to the product development process enables organizations to develop effective product roadmaps, make better products, and improve customer satisfaction. That’s all great, but how much value are agile …

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What is Agile Planning? Why is it Important for Your Business

Agile project management enables businesses to respond to change, develop faster, and create customer-centric products focused on providing value. Around 95% of organizations have started to adopt agile practices and they have managed to achieve a success rate of 64%. Businesses are slowly moving away from traditional methods such as the waterfall approach. An agile …

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