If Agile can work for Human Resources, then it can work for organizations developing complex systems, including regulated sectors.

Agile Product Development | Agile Methodology Essentials

Agile product development allows companies to develop products in a manner that responds effectively to change, risk, and uncertainty. This involves self-organizing teams that create fast prototypes in collaboration with each other and with customers.

Waterfall vs Agile – 9 Ways to Get the Best of Both

Agile developers avoid all things Waterfall like the plague.  Pragmatically, the best companies have both and get the benefits of each to complement their development methodologies.

Agile Myth #1:  It Can’t work for Hardware!

Most hardware managers refuse to believe that they can employ Agile methods. The secret is knowing what parts of Agile do apply to Hardware, and how to modify them for the biggest benefit.

Sprints and Demos: Twin Beacons of Accountability

Sprints have the benefits of short interval scheduling – keeping the teams focused.  A good sprint has a clear-cut goal.  Sprints and Demos go hand in hand to produce better products, faster.

Agile with a small A

While many Agile transformation efforts get bogged down in ceremonies, roles, and process those that are often most successful implement a core subset of agile with great results.

Sprint Planning Scorecard

The purpose of the Sprint Planning Scorecard is to identify and resolve differences and/or knowledge gaps relative to the goals, deliverables and acceptance criteria of a sprint.