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We help global organizations improve product management, scale their development teams, accelerate new product introduction (NPI), and innovate more effectively.

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We offer consulting engagements in Product Strategy, Product Development, Product Management, and Agile Transformation. We also offer product training and leadership coaching.

Our engagements have helped some of the leading brands in the world increase revenue, improve profitability, deliver product more predictably, and accelerate production.

What Our Customers Say

“I highly recommend TCGen to leaders looking to drive significant transformation in a tech company: TCGen blends quick assessment of the situation, with a highly personable approach and some clear and actionable recommendations.”

Cristel de Rouvray,

“TCGen is able to quickly distill a complex set of business problems down to a finite set of actions and outcomes, that has driven us to fresh perspectives and approaches.”

Rick Santiago,
CEO, Indy Audio Labs

“TCGen’s principals combine a logical brilliance with charisma and fire. They are able to quickly see the best path to a solution and they are brilliant at executing.”

Matt Belge,
Senior Product Designer, Imprivata

“After our work with TCGen, I gained at least two new ways to bring better value to our customers that will improve our future business.”

Peter White,
President, IJ White and Company

“TCGen have that rare combination of brilliance and pragmatism that truly sets them apart. TCGen is world-class.”

Dan Keller,
HP Executive

“TCGen was able to come into a complex assignment and teach both the art and science of project leadership. Seek them out.”

Todd Tomba,
Roche R&D Executive

Industry Expertise

TCGen has a breadth of experience across industries that allows us to tailor our approach to the culture and market needs of your organization. 

Computer Technology

Consumer Electronics

Internet Infrastructure

Medical Technology



Our Approach

Experienced Practitioners

All principals have held C-level positions and run product teams.

Proven Methodologies

We leverage the best practices from a range of disciplines and apply what works in your culture and organization.


Our sequential approach to change management helps you accrue benefits quickly and not disrupt your work in progress.

Develop Internal 

We work with your team to create change that is effective and lasting.

Other Ways We Help

In addition to our consulting engagements and other services, we read and write regularly about the ever evolving field of product development.

Innovate Products Faster 

Our book provides pragmatic graphical tools for practitioners to learn the craft of product development and apply its concepts simply and effectively.

Insights Blog

Our knowledge bank provides copious frameworks and tips to build better and more innovative products, and to help bring teams together to work faster and more effectively.

Speaking and Writing

We have spoken at numerous conferences and published in Forbes, and HBS, among other journals.