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Product Development Consulting & Product Management Consulting

TCGen Product Development Consulting Services

Product development is really hard and an external perspective with broad sector experience can help you identify and eliminate problems that plague many organizations.

We have helped global organizations improve product management, scale their development teams, increase speed, and deliver innovation. 

We can help you unlock your teams and deliver better, more innovative products quickly and predictably.

We understand that new products are the driver for growth in revenue and margin. Yet, new product development is especially challenging because you face dramatic change.

  • Do you need new products faster?
  • Do you need more innovative products?
  • Do your new product schedules lack predictability?
  • Is your product strategy failing to deliver results?
  • Are your products not achieving their financial goals?
  • Are you surprised by unanticipated risks?   

If any of the above describes your situation, you are not alone. We help companies cut time to market, scale their product management, and innovate faster. We also have expertise in New Product Introduction (NPI) and Agile Product Development, and Product Development Life Cycle Management.  Contact Us to learn more.

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We’re making better decisons faster

– Apple executive on our engagement

Product Development Consulting Engagement Successes

Our goal is to help you increase speed, improve innovation, increase strategic execution, and get the most out of your product teams.

Increase Engineering Productivity from

30% to 64%

Ability to Scale Dev Capacity by


Decrease Time to Market by


Decrease Product Defects by


With years of consulting experience in lightweight, iterative processes, TCGen Founder John Carter has developed an expertise in new product development process improvement. He has learned and developed a wealth of product development Best Practices, a powerful knowledgebase. TCGen’s approach enables clients to decrease time-to-market; to make reliable organizational change that makes a difference in projects; and to empower teams, improving morale and cutting waste.


With years of consulting experience in lightweight, iterative processes, John has developed an expertise in new product development process improvement. He has learned or developed a wealth of product development Best Practices, acquiring a powerful knowledgebase. TCGen’s approach enables clients to decrease time-to-market; to make reliable organizational change that makes a difference in projects; and to empower teams, improving morale and cutting waste.

Consumer technology

As a product development consultant, John designed and implemented the Apple New Product Process (ANPP). When we first implemented the process, Apple’s manager of product marketing said, “we are making better decisions, faster.”

Consumer Electronics

At BOSE, John managed the development of products such as the BOSE® Wave® Music System and Noise-Cancelling Headphones, enjoyed by millions of customers worldwide. He was chief engineer at BOSE and was responsible for many categories of successful products (electronics, powered speakers, and headphones).

Internet Infrastructure

John created an Agile discovery process to speed the development of transformative technology. He also created, from ground up, an Agile organization to manage independent teams. The result was the introduction of an entirely new product, bringing in new revenues and customers.

Medical Technology

John implemented a transformation with a large US/German R&D organization that adheres to design control to improve predictability.

Consumer Technology

John implemented sprints, including tracking, definition of done, and novel (and simple) demonstrations, improving execution and increasing internal customer focus.


John developed a lightweight Agile/Scrum process with a global team, creating a next generation platform that improved velocity.

TCGen Product Management Consulting Services

Helping global companies innovate and deliver new products faster.

TCGen's Consulting Approach
TCGen’s Inch Deep, Mile Wide approach to consulting.

Product Management Consulting

The aim of product management is to gain competitive advantage by placing product offerings in the best possible position to drive business goals: sales growth, revenue, or profits. The power of product strategy is in selecting and funding programs for the largest return, adjusted for risk and driven by product management. We find that often the greatest impact to a company’s top line can be found in product management.

management consulting

Product Development Consulting

Management’s goals are best served when team leaders have responsibility and accountability for the new product development process. Senior management must let go of the tendency to micro-manage and empower teams to be successful. We assess organizations to find out the most critical barriers to their success and then we pinpoint initiatives that eliminate those barriers.

DEVELOPMENT consulting

Agile Consulting

Agile Consulting helps clients achieve benefits such as faster releases, higher productivity, and greater customer delight. We first implement the Agile methodologies that have the greatest impact: estimation and planning, scrums, tracking burndowns, and demonstrations. The result is quantifiably better decision making, higher team velocities, and more predictable delivery.


Program Management Consulting

Program management consulting is a service that maximizes the capability of teams to deliver programs on time and on budget, while exceeding stakeholders requirements. We identify a small number of the most effective levers of improvement targeting challenges such as poorly defined roles, opaque decision making, and lack of transparency to fuel your success.


Customized Solutions

Whether you are large or small, a start-up or an established firm, we develop the project plan along with you to create an engagement that achieves measurable product development goals. 

Assessment & Planning

Our proprietary assessment process yields deep insights for your team. We identify the root causes behind your product portfolio management challenges. And then we develop solutions that improve your ability to select winners and allocate resources to projects.

Predictive Metrics

Expertise in metrics is a hallmark of TCGen. We rely on measurement to motivate change and monitor progress. We measure the right behaviors to ensure that the changes take hold and continue to produce lasting results.

Sustainable Best Practices

Your investment in TCGen earns increased organizational capability. We not only implement Best Practices but we also teach you how to build on the improvements so that your company is prepared for the next challenge.

TCGen Principal & Founder, John Carter

John Carter, TCGen Principal & Founder

John Carter specializes in product development: from the strategy and innovation processes, through product definition, execution and launch. He has helped companies cut time to market, rapidly scale their product program, and improve innovation with customer led insights. His work leads to greater profitability, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction.  

John currently serves on the Board of Directors of Cirrus Logic (CRUS) a leading supplier of mixed signal semiconductors. He is involved with company strategy and sits on the Compensation and Audit Committees.

Before starting consulting firm TCGen, John was Chief Engineer of BOSE Corporation. John is the inventor of the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones and shares the original patent with Dr. Amar Bose. He was one of the initial contributors in BOSE’s entry into the automobile OEM business and led the product and business development of BOSE’s patented noise reduction technology for the military market.

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