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Product Development Consulting

Management’s goals are best served when team leaders have responsibility and accountability for the new product development process. Senior management must let go of the tendency to micro-manage and empower teams to be successful. We assess organizations to find out the most critical barriers to their success and then we pinpoint actions that eliminate those barriers, creating sustainable change.

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Product Management Consulting

The aim of product management is to gain competitive advantage by placing product offerings in the best possible position to drive business goals such as sales growth, revenue, or profits. The biggest lever you have in product management is selecting and funding programs for the biggest return, adjusted for risk. We find that spending benchmarks, strategic alignment, and fit to organization and brand often have the highest impact.

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Product Strategy Consulting

Product development strategy is a subset of corporate strategy. It sets the direction for new products by establishing goals and through funding decisions. Product strategy aims to gain a competitive advantage by placing product offerings in the best possible position to drive business goals such as sales growth, revenue, or profits. 

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Product Portfolio Management Consulting

Product portfolio management consulting services help organizations optimize their process for project and product management (PPM) to meet strategic objectives. Goals might include having the right mix of products with the right pricing; scaling from a single product to families of products; or creating a clear business strategy that links with product roadmaps and budgets. These services can assist CEOs, Heads of Strategic Planning, Chief Marketing Officers, Product Managers and other new product development stakeholders.

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Agile Consulting

Agile consulting helps clients achieve the benefits of the Agile process: faster releases, higher productivity, and greater customer delight. We work with the Agile methodologies that have the biggest impact first, such as estimation and planning, Scrum, tracking burndown charts, and demonstrations. The result of our work is quantifiable, demonstrated by better decision making, higher team velocities, and more predictable delivery.

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Program Management Consulting

Program management consulting is a service that maximizes the capability of teams to deliver programs on time, on budget, and exceed stakeholder requirements. We identify a small number of the most effective levers of improvement – often these include poorly defined team roles, opaque decision making, and lack of transparency. TCGen then works with you to create and deliver a sequenced series of phases, targeting the most important levers of improvement including planning, risk management, and functional staffing.

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