TCGen’s Clients Include

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About TCGen

  • Silicon Valley-based consulting firm focused on product development speed and innovation
  • We help clients to accelerate the delivery of high-quality products to market at lower cost
  • Worked with some of the industry’s most successful and most admired brands including Apple (where we created the Apple New Product Process), Amazon, 3M, and Bose
  • A proven track record of working with both C-level business executives and engineers to develop and implement management systems that facilitate innovation

Learn how you can innovate products faster.

TCGen works with clients in Tech, Medical Devices, Consumer, and Industrial Sectors

Wherever you need to improve product development, TCGen’s combination of proprietary best practices and tailored initiatives will provide the expertise you need to improve product development, product definition, and your product portfolio. Contact us now to discuss how we can help.

Our Client Engagements

TCGen Inc.’s consulting engagements improve product development and product management for our clients. Here are just some of the results we’ve produced….

Creating new product development processes: A blue chip tech company

Challenge: A rapidly growing tech company was having difficulty scaling their product development efforts. As companies scale, they often find they need more consistent agile processes to deliver a stream of new offerings. This company turned to TCGen to create a more predictable product development process

Action: TCGen helped this company develop a minimum viable process – as little process as possible, but no less. We piloted the new process with a small set of teams and then introduced it slowly to the wider organization. 

Result: Said one executive after working with TCGen Principals on a new process: “We’re making better decisions faster.” Now a household name company, this firm still uses the product development process TCGen Principals helped establish in all its divisions.

Agile development: A consumer electronic product company 

Challenge: Turbulent times mean changing requirements, and organizations and processes need to be able to pivot rapidly. A developer of consumer products in the wearable health space asked TCGen to implement an Agile transformation to deliver predictable software. 

Action: We worked with this company on the team and organizational levels. Our approach was to apply Agile principles not Agile dogma – driving home Definition of Done and better Backlog grooming. Agile is not all or nothing, and we helped our client adopt select pieces of the Agile toolkit. 

Result: Our “agile with a small ‘a’” approach allowed our client to see the benefits of Agile quickly and generate more predictable releases – with greater transparency and less burnout.

Building customer and market input into new product definitions: A Silicon Valley tech firm

Challenge: We were approached by an established Silicon Valley company to make sure their product development-related cross functional teams were properly balanced. Many companies have an imbalance between inbound marketing (translating customer needs into requirements) and outbound marketing (supporting products going into, or already in, the marketplace). 

Action: When it comes to product management and marketing, we teach clients how to gather the best customer information, how to foster customer empathy and design thinking, and how to turn customer feedback into product requirements with clear quantitative objectives. This requires a renewed focus on inbound marketing (aka product management).

Result: With our training and coaching we were able to influence this company to create more balanced teams in part by reallocating headcount. The teams were more connected to customers and markets, and geared to produce innovative solutions quickly.

Designing product innovation systems and improving product portfolio management: An international medical products provider

Challenge: A large international medical company approached TCGen to help them with product strategy and product portfolio management. They especially wanted to create a robust system for managing early-stage ideas, to develop them into a portfolio of complementary offerings.

Action: We showed this client how to create a “protected space” that nurtures new ideas so that they become winning new products. We have developed a way to harness early stage innovation by creating a structure that provides funding, governance, and a process to identify the best new product candidates. 

Result: The clients leveraged our innovation systems expertise to create a brand-new, best-selling platform that endured for a decade. We guided our medical products client to create a management system that ensured the best mix of offerings for their product portfolio, be they incremental improvements, products in adjacent markets, or startling new innovations.

Measuring product development and managing change: A tech infrastructure company

Challenge: Too many companies measure the wrong things, and our client knew that their current metrics suite was not targeted. They approached us to help improve this dashboard to drive real business results.

Action: Our predictive metrics approach measures the behaviors that drive improvement. We helped our client drill down into their organization to discover the true drivers of product development success. Our approach to product development/product management metrics helps clients measure only the critical few KPIs that change behavior and lead to lasting improvement.

Result: Our improved metrics suite was able to help our client embed new processes and behaviors in new product development by measuring what really drives change and sustain improvements in execution.