Product Portfolio Management Consulting

Consulting Services at TCGen Inc.

Before projects become products, they are ideas in the minds of your teams.

They begin their life as fragile ideas seeds of your company’s future growth. These concepts should be managed as a portfolio of product ideas, those unrefined concepts that will eventually enter the pipeline and pass through a gated product development process.

“We’re making better decisions, faster”

— Apple Executive

Too many companies do not adequately manage this portfolio of product concepts. They are missing systems for managing this fragile front-end of product development. TCGen can help create a system that transforms your product portfolio management – the process of prioritizing innovations.

A proven track record

We have developed methods for de-mystifying the front end of product development. And we have implemented them with blue chip companies such as Apple, BOSE, Cisco, Mozilla and Roche. Our expertise in product portfolio management has helped these firms to converge quickly and reliably on the best opportunities for developing winning products.

At BOSE, TCGen founder John Carter managed the development of products such as the BOSE® Wave® Music System and Noise-Cancelling Headphones, enjoyed by millions of customers world-wide. With over 25 years of consulting experience, John has developed an expertise in product portfolio management, and picking winners. With TCGen, John discovered how to harness selected innovations. TCGen’s approach to Product Portfolio Management helps teams optimize a critical resource: your company’s brightest ideas.

TCGen’s approach includes:

  • A lightweight process that manages the day-to-day decisions that move and filter product portfolio management concepts as they make their way toward the pipeline
  • A yearly strategic planning process for product innovation.
  • A methodology that aligns the Board, the CEO, Business Development and the rest of the C-Suite.

TCGen’s Product Portfolio Management expertise addresses a range of problems…

  • Companies that are accelerating beyond the start-up phase are beginning to create a range of new products, including derivatives and spin-offs, as well as entirely new ideas that represent the future. They often struggle to scale and sometimes miss opportunities because they have not developed product portfolio management concepts. Typically, they don’t place a set of selective bets outside of the core products.
  • Other companies are transitioning from many products in the marketplace to a small handful of offerings. Any company faced with the challenge of managing these concepts over time, moving them into the pipeline and then into the marketplace, can benefit from our product portfolio management tools and expertise because it gives an organization the permission to take risks.
  • Some companies find themselves caught between unmanageable growth and untenable stagnation. Striking the right balance between supporting core offerings and experimenting with bold, transformational ones is fraught with risk: technical risk and market risk. A Harvard Business Review piece found that “Companies that allocated about 70% of their innovation activity to core initiatives, 20% to adjacent ones, and 10% to transformational ones outperformed their peers, typically realizing a P/E premium of 10% to 20%.”  Growing tech companies tend to invest fewer resources than expected in the core, stimulating innovative solutions outside of it.
  • Too many successful companies create a hostile environment for new product concepts, suffocating possible home runs with indecision. Having a Product Portfolio Management process allows larger companies to nurture the best ideas – the concepts that will allow your company to sustain its success.

Product Development Expert

John Carter is a widely respected expert on product development. He is an inventor of Bose’s Noise Cancelling Headphones and designer of Apple’s New Product Process. As Founder of TCGen Inc., he has consulted for Abbott, Amazon, Apple, Cisco, HP, IBM, Mozilla, Roche, and 3M.