The most effective, lean product development processes are based on empowerment and trust.

Management’s goals are best served when team leaders have responsibility and accountability for the new product development process. Senior management must let go of the tendency to micro-manage and empower teams to be successful. Senior management’s roles are to resource the team and to prioritize projects assigned to them.

Our approach encourages the right kind of senior management oversight that keeps empowered teams on task throughout the product design and development process. New product development processes graduate to lean product development when senior managers learn to get out of the way and build high performance teams that have the authority to innovate, problem-solve, and focus on product designs that delight customers.


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How To Create a Strategic Planning Process for Innovation (Innovation Excellence)

An effective strategic planning process for the front end of innovation has two facets: 1) a relatively lightweight process that manages the daily decisions that impact product concepts as they make their way toward the pipeline and 2) an annual product strategy and planning process for innovation.

Product Development Process Lessons from BOSE’s Innovations (Innovation Excellence)

BOSE’s Noise-Cancelling Headphones and the BOSE® Wave® Music System were blockbuster products. Here are seven product development process lessons learned from the experience of creating products enjoyed by millions of customers.

Best Practices & Workshop for Program and Change Management (Slideshare)

Presentation designed to strengthen core skills required to work effectively in leading and participating in cross functional process improvement initiatives.

Program Management 2.0: Risk Management (Slideshare)

Essential tools and techniques for learning from the past, and anticipating and mitigating project risks. Includes formal tools for effective risk management.

Program Management 2.0: Schedule Prediction Accuracy (Slideshare)

Avoidable delays in delivering products to market are fatal to companies. Hoping that teams recover through their own heroic efforts only creates more chaos. The Schedule Prediction Accuracy Chart provides the best and earliest indication that a project is in jeopardy and gives the team the best chance of avoiding disasters.

Boundary Conditions Process (YouTube)

A primer on establishing a boundary conditions and out-of-bounds process that empowers teams, and allows them to create with minimal interference from senior management.