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Studies have shown that over 70% of all delays are due to inadequate or changing Product Definition.

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It can make the difference between a failed launch and a blockbuster.

But the new product requirements process remains one of the most challenging aspects of product development – creating a dynamic tension between engineering (features) and marketing (benefits). Defining new products involves deep customer knowledge and the ability to probe beyond what customers say they want, to serve their actual needs. Teasing out new product requirements is an art that includes listening and respecting customers.

The challenge of the product definition process is one of the largest, most complex, and meaningful elements of any new product development.

Not only does it include gathering the product requirements, it includes the personas of users, segmentation of the user types, context of use, and the definition of other aspects of the product, such as customer service, support, the out of the box experience, user interface and user experience, etc.  And we could go on from there. Product definition is the umbrella concept that includes all aspects of how to marry the voice of the customer with the technical constraints to come out with unique and beautiful designs.

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