Why does Product Development still fascinate me?

Recently I have been discovering how organizations are executing better than ever in some areas but struggling in others.  You would think after all with work that has been done, most of the big challenges have been solved. Not true.

With all the progress there is still a need (not room, but a need) for further understanding, and that is why Product Development still fascinates me!

The Why

I founded TCGen with Jeanne Bradford ten years ago with a focus on helping companies execute on their product development strategies – so why now should I re-brand and jump in feet first into addressing the next frontier in Product Development?  Because some of the biggest questions remain open.

  • Why are development efforts still unpredictable?
  • Why is it so hard for incredibly capable organizations to identify new product areas, and yet have difficulty in executed on them?
  • Why do some companies struggle, and others do it so well?  And then why is it so hard to transfer those best practices, which have worked so well, from one organization to another?

The How

To investigate these areas, I’ve decided to take a fresh approach to looking at Product Creation – and I have started with TCGen first, with a total do-over of our approach and website.  As you will see, we built our improvements on best practices (in bold):

We moved from a Wordpress platform to SquareSpace to provide a site that can be updated easily (Agile) and is responsive (Mobile).

We have hired a global team (Distributed Team via the UpWork Talent Platform) to help with the design (Sandra – Croatia), coding (My Digital Landscape, Vancouver), editing (David, Annapolis) , and marketing (Kate Talbot, San Francisco).  The talent resource are from SquareSpace approved service partners (Partners) and talented individuals who I hired on UpWork.

To be able to communicate & network more broadly, we have initiated a conference research activity to identify the top 50 conferences in North America (Elizabeth, Belgium) – (global marketing).

Video is so important today, we have hired a Video Editor (Chirag, India) to help us take our video from in-person conferences and serve it on YouTube (Video).

To leverage Social Networking (in a positive way) we have chosen LinkedIn, YouTube and SlideShare as our three major platforms (Content Marketing).

To leverage ideation from colleagues around the world, I post thoughts/ideas weekly for feedback and further ideation (Open Innovation).

Finally, we use distributed tools (Dropbox, Google Sheets, and Drive) to get work done.

The Goal

I have an audatious goal – which is to uplevel the global competency in product development. I want to help the very best, the very most respected brands get even better.  My goal is to help Google with its Google Home & Pixel efforts, Apple expand its reach into Consumer Electronics, Tesla and Waymo with Autonomus driving, and with Abbott and Intuitive with Medical Technology.  Bring on the biggest, most challenging problems!

How You Can Help

Take a brief field trip to our new website and tell me what you think by commenting on my LinkedIn feed.  What do you like about it?  Where does it miss the mark?  I will find a way to thank your for any and all feedback.