The "Tee Method" of Project Execution

How often have you felt that you just can not get the more strategic, vague, and most important projects accomplished.  Do you often feel like your trying to work against time?

There is one way to make progress on a topic using a method where you combine a small time slice every day, along with a deep dive once a week.  The daily task focus keeps the topic up and centered, so you don't forget where you were, and also provides you a vehicle to follow up on others without delay.  The deep dive allows one to make substantial progress.  In projects of significant complexity, this deep thoughtful, focus is essential.

The Tee Method description comes from a visualization of the time spread across the week.  Imagine that you spend the first 30 minutes of each weekday on your special project, and then on Wednesday you spend the morning from 8-12 on your topic.  If this is represented as a plot of time investment versus days of the week, you get a "T" shaped diagram.

Next time you are in need of better time management, focus, and progress on a challenging project that you aren't naturally drawn into, try the "T Method".