Managing the Speed of Deliverables: Deliverable Hit Rate Chart

In the midst of a project, when teams have their heads down, immersed in technical challenges, it is sometimes hard to see the big picture. Is the team really where it needs to be to deliver the project on time and on target? Is there a way to see the forest for the trees? The Deliverable Hit Rate Chart is a tool that can help paint that big picture. It monitors the progress of completed tasks against a target over time. Best applied to complex programs with a large number of tasks, the tool is a high-level graphical representation that indicates whether the rate of task completion is on track for delivering the program on time.


  • A high-level snapshot that indicates whether or not a large program is on track for an on-time delivery

  • Provides an early warning when the team is not executing to the target number of tasks and drives corrective action to get the team back on track

  • An elegant, easily executed solution for communicating a large amount of data

Deliverable HIt Rate Chart

Deliverable HIt Rate Chart

You can construct the Deliverable Hit Rate Chart by dividing the total number of tasks required to complete the program by the program’s duration, typically measured in months. At the end of each month, map the number of completed tasks against the target for that time period. Then update the line chart to present the actual deliverable hit rate.

This chart allows a manager to step above all the details and get an accurate read on whether or not the team is moving at the right speed to deliver the project on time. The Deliverable Hit-Rate Chart shows actual work as compared with the project as planned.

What Else You Should Know

While an indicator of the speed of tasks you are accomplishing, this tool does not distinguish between the size or complexity of various tasks. The quality of the output is more reliable when the tasks are relatively small, numerous, and of roughly the same size.