How to Get Unstuck - SXSW Insights

The speakers at SXSW always amaze me as they are most often on the forefront of our collective intelligence.  Noah Scalin gave an inspiring presentation during the book reading slots available to authors. We saw him on March 9th talk about his recent book, "365 A Daily Creativity Journal", and hear first hand why he is so fascinated by skulls! There were two significant take aways:

  1. - The web is the operating system - it won!

  2. - Sources of inspiration are everywhere: choose a subject and select a project where you can make a daily contribution. You will learn more about yourself and feel a sense of accomplishment that is so rare today.


Below is an outline of his talk.  The bold outline elements emphasize how important the web is as the new operating system.

  • Age of apps

  • Native is on the agenda

  • Hotest startups are native

  • Native as content

  • Objective -C, cocoa framework, not xplatform, access to native UI widgets, dist through appStore

  • Closer to metal, less for free vs. browsers

  • Delaney, Dale, Bijani, Taby

  • Amber js, tumbler

  • Dale

  • All about HW, iphone is .1x perf

  • Web is always a slight disadvantage, but world always bends back to web

  • A kid can do this in his basement - make money on it

  • Strip - monitization

  • Facebook app for ios

  • Web is os, share, virality, rendering engine is powerful

  • Rich text is hard

  • Tech limits on mobile web

  • Sensors - web not good

  • Apple is single owner

  • W3C - easy to bash, but who contributes?

  • Ringmark


  • Web is the runtime

  • Responsive design (query)

  • Tmblr, twitter, gmail - mobile web apps

  • FT - HTML 5

  • Web app in UIWebView

  • Hybrids

  • Facebook, tumblr, instagram, app store

  • Is the future hybrid?

  • MVC - design pattern

  • Pixels are more expensive on app store

  • "uncanny valley" let web apps be proper web apps - lot of work

  • Native scrolling is tough

  • 'jenky'

  • Getting steak served in the bathroom, context matters