Blogs - Do They Give You the Blahs?

Until recently, we have had a divided feeling about blogs and their Twitter like stereotype of reporting on what you had for breakfast.  Well now that we are more serious about it, you might reconsider your feelings too. Two site that are great for finding blogs about speeding up product development and increasing product innovation are:

  • Google's Blog Search

  • Technorati's Blog Search

In working with these sites, we have discovered a couple of really good sites to consider.  The first is Tim Brown's site:

The second is the venerable Harvard Business Review's Agenda: which has Tim Brown (President and CEO of IDEO) writing about the need to grant permission to innovate.  For a more tactical approach to product development, you might look over the PMI (Project Management Institute) Blog:

And finally, to help with personal productivity, you might want to bookmark if you have not already.  The 43folders concept comes from David Allen's Getting Things Done, where you have 31 folders for days of the month, and 12 folders for months of the year.

Yes, there are a lot of bad blogs out there, but there are a few worth looking for.