If Agile is good for HR, Why not Hardware?

In the March-April 2018 issue of the Harvard Business Review, there is a piece called "HR Goes Agile". "Agile isn't just for tech anymore.  It is been working its way into other areas and functions..."

The authors Cappelli and Tavis cite that Agile in HR has taken off in an appropriate form which they call "Agile Lite",  where HR organizations from GE from Intuit have adopted Agile principles (stripped from the dogma) and are embracing it for the benefits it provides as they say "A simpler and faster model driven by feedback from participants."

What could be more obvious and beneficial for Hardware organizations that you know of?

The resistance is that "It can't work for Hardware", "We can't ship every two weeks", "Changes in requirements slow us down", and "Who are you kidding, we can't turn a design in a week".  But those managers are missing the big picture. Agile can be applied, and with huge benefits - just loosen your beliefs around what is or is not Agile.  Take the best and apply it.  It is not going away.

In fact, as the article states, "In many companies that's happening gradually, almost organically, as a spillover from IT, where more than 90% of organizations already use agile practices".  Even J&J is moving away from event-driven frameworks towards a more ongoing (Agile) format.

So what is it with Hardware Companies?  Why not adopt the practices that make sense?