Add “Social Technology” To Your New Product Feature List

As social media becomes more firmly entrenched in the enterprise, it’s no longer just a listening and communications tool for the marketing organization– some companies have taken it a set further and incorporated the technology as a feature in their product offerings.

Here’s a case study of how one enterprise software company incorporated social technology into its product offering:

A major tenet of this company is to reflect a strong customer voice into their products.  They knew that social media has is about listening and sharing.  And like most companies, they created blogs and forums to communicate with their customers.  The results were positive, and a vibrant, dedicated user community was created.

But they didn’t stop there -

By incorporating social technologies – in this case, RSS feeds, into their desktop product offering, they were able to push customized information to customers as soon as they launched the application.   The primary application of the feeds was to execute surveys and gain feedback on product features.  With an already vibrant user community, this feature provided almost real time feedback, and didn’t force the user to open another window, or go to another application to provide their feedback.  And, unlike most blogs and forums that are typically managed in the marketing organization, this feedback went directly back into the product development organization – increasing the user’s confidence that the team that knows how to solve their problem will receive their feedback.

This innovative use of social technology re-enforced the company’s commitment to customer driven product development, and provided an actionable tool to help drive and prioritize the product development team.