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If Agile can work for Human Resources, then it can work for organizations developing complex systems, including regulated sectors.

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Agile Intelligence Scaled Agile Consulting for Leaders Are you looking to transform your organization’s software development practices to deliver value faster and more effectively? We have helped some of the most revered global brands improve …
Agile Product Development

Agile Product Development: 2023 Expert Guide | TCGen

What is Agile Product Development? Agile development for new products allows companies to develop products to respond rapidly to change. This involves self-organizing teams that create fast prototypes in collaboration with each other and customers. …
TCGen’s Agile Consulting Approach

Agile Consulting Services | Transformation, Scale & Speed

What TCGen Can Do For Your Company Whether you’re a startup or an established firm, TCGen’s Consulting services and agile training can help you achieve your product goals. We help companies increase revenue and profit …

How to “Control” an Agile Development Project

So-called “Waterfall” or “Phase-Gate” product development methodologies often give management the illusion that they are under control of the project, while they are actually just meddling and slowing it down.

Agile Myth #1: It Can’t Work for Hardware!

Agile methods can be implemented for hardware product development. Increase speed and predictability by employing agile for hardware development projects.

Agile Burndown Graphs

In agile development, the team goes through the whole build/integrate/test cycle with the goal of solving the greatest number of user stories or requirements per build. Tracking the number of user stories completed per build combines many best practices into one easy-to-use system.